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CIL to take a data-driven approach to diversity and inclusion with Clusivity

CIL is pleased to announce that it will use specialist tech platform Clusivity to help us measure how equitable our current practices are, pinpoint where we need to improve, and track our progress on an ongoing basis.

CIL will use Clusivity across its UK, US and European offices to advance a more data-driven D&I strategy and cultivate a more inclusive workplace for all.

Clusivity helps organisations to build meaningfully more diverse and inclusive environments by providing measurable metrics and targeted interventions. Using academic research and a network of specialist advisors, Clusivity’s platform identifies where barriers and bias exist across gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and socioeconomic background.

Using Clusivity will keep us accountable for improving on D&I to the people who know us best, our employees. As we keep investing in building a more diverse and inclusive business, we commit to creating and maintaining a culture where every employee feels included and respected; to counter discrimination through our recruitment and training processes and our interaction with other stakeholders; and to celebrate the diverse contributions of all our employees and stakeholders.

“We’re excited to be using Clusivity to help us create an environment where all our employees feel a strong sense of belonging. We are committed to growing diversity throughout the organisation and retaining our talent through taking a robust approach to diversity and inclusion.” Tabitha Elwes, Partner.

Learn more about Clusivity here

Read more about CIL’s commitment to D&I here

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