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City job, country lifestyle

We spoke to CIL analyst Matt about working as a management consultant in the Somerset countryside.

Hi Matt, tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m an analyst at CIL, having joined in September 2018. I am originally from Derby, studied Economics at Durham and now live in Bath with my girlfriend, so I’ve been all over the country! Keeping fit is a passion of mine; I regularly compete in running races and Tough Mudder, and I am a member of CrossFit Bath.

What inspired you to apply to CIL’s office in Frome?
It was actually a bit of a coincidence. Around the time I was applying for graduate jobs my girlfriend got a promotion that meant she relocated to Bath. I had been mainly applying for jobs in London – even though I had no great desire to live there – but this prompted me to search for consultancy jobs in the South West. It was definitely a surprise to find a strategy consultancy job in a small Somerset town, but as I researched further it became clear CIL could be a great fit for me.

What is it like working as a management consultant in a countryside town?
It’s the best of both worlds. Whilst I had never been enamoured by the prospect of working in London, it seemed inevitable that it would be necessary to attain the type of job I was aiming for. However, at CIL in Frome I am able to live in the countryside whilst having the same exciting role and excellent progression opportunities as I would in London.

Frome is a great place to work as it has a much more relaxed feel than the ‘hustle and bustle’ of London. I still go to London every few weeks for client meetings and to work with our project teams, which makes a nice change, but I’m always pleased to be going back to Bath!

The main benefit I see from working here are the reasonable living costs set against the strategy consultancy salary. Even in Bath, which is an expensive area of the country, me and my girlfriend are planning to buy a house next year, which would be completely unattainable in London.

What would a ‘normal’ day look like for someone in your role?
What you do on a single day varies hugely both within a project and between projects. Our engagements are typically between four and six weeks long, so it’s a great opportunity to learn about new businesses and sectors. On a ‘typical’ day I might be analysing a client’s market, their competitors and customer satisfaction. I also write and design the slides for the final client report. 

What is it like to live in Bath and commute to Frome?
I find it works very well for me. It is a 25-minute drive either way, which is an easy commute and much more pleasant than the tube. Bath is a beautiful city to live in and has the right balance between feeling like you’re in countryside and having plenty to do; It will probably take 5 years to visit all the restaurants we want to there!

What is the culture like at CIL’s Frome office?
We have a great culture at the office, and there is a lot going on socially. We regularly organise football on Wednesday’s and drinks after work on a Friday. I have recently taken over responsibility for the Frome social team and have already organised a mini golf social, a meal out and a night out. We’ve also got go-karting coming up soon.

Finally, any tips for anyone who’d like to apply to CIL?
CIL is looking for people with a strong academic record, we are particularly interested in people who enjoy a challenge and want to work at CIL. Make sure you indicate why CIL is a good fit for you in your application.

We are delighted to offer applicants the opportunity to attend our Frome office insight event for 2019, which will be held Tuesday 5th November 2-6pm at CIL’s Frome office (near Bath, SW England). Over the course of the afternoon, we will cover:

  • An introduction to CIL and management consulting
  • Consulting interview case study workshop and best practice
  • Q&A with the senior team
  • A recent joiner’s guide to the recruitment process
  • Informal drinks and nibbles with current CIL’ers

For the opportunity to be selected, please apply to the graduate/intern role and state your interest in the event within your cover letter. You will be notified of your place via email in the upcoming weeks.

How to apply to CIL
Click here to apply now. Select which role, intake and office you are applying for and upload your CV and a covering letter. You will also find more information about CIL, the recruitment process and a detailed FAQs section to refer to with any questions you have.

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