European Buy & Build Opportunity Index

25th November 2022
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Buy & build is a favoured investment strategy for many, but it can be hard to know which sectors will deliver maximum returns. CIL’s Buy & Build Opportunity Index analyses over 2,500 business segments to identify the most attractive sectors across four key European regions.

European private equity activity has increased consistently over the last decade. Despite rising global economic and political disruption, the sector remains robust with plenty of dry powder to invest in additional value creation strategies.

CIL’s Buy & Build Opportunity Index considers industry consolidation, scale and total turnover to identify large sectors that are best placed for buy & build strategies across the UK and Ireland, the Nordics, Germany and France.

In this report we explore the investment opportunities by geography, present case studies on successful bolt-ons and deep dive into the most attractive sectors for buy & build strategies across the regions.

Download the full PDF version here

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