In times of uncertainty and disruption, knowing how to create long-lasting value is challenging. We are growth specialists that have helped thousands of businesses turn their strategic ambitions into tangible value.

CIL has been advising on business strategy and value creation through multiple economic cycles. Our work ranges from helping to identify, prioritize and implement growth opportunities, to optimizing pricing strategies, data analytics and beyond.

How we support our clients:

Board strategy workshops
Shaping a company’s future strategic direction can be difficult, and ensuring key stakeholders are aligned is critical. Board strategy workshops guide leadership teams to identify key objectives and create a clear route forward for the business, while ensuring all voices are heard.

Market entry strategy
When launching a new product or entering a new geography, solid preparation is fundamental to success. Our work supports all aspects of proposition development, opportunity analysis, market mapping and target identification.

Growth prioritization
Our proprietary framework is designed to give leadership teams confidence in their strategic priorities. We support businesses on all aspects of growth prioritization from opportunity identification to implementation.

Sales capability optimization
Building an effective sales capability is essential for maximizing profitability and ensuring long-term business success. Our diagnostic framework measures an organization’s sales function against hundreds of sales capability areas; the result is a clear and actionable plan for building a best-in-class sales team.

Pricing and margin strategy
Changing a company’s approach to pricing can be more powerful for profitability growth than reducing costs or boosting sales. CIL’s pricing experts help management teams to design and implement smart pricing strategies that will deliver value straight to the bottom line, and quickly.

100-day planning
Identifying the key growth levers of a business can be integral to jump-starting the value creation process. A plan for the first 100 days can support management and portfolio teams in identifying these levers, prioritizing optimization opportunities, and creating a roadmap for future growth.

Business plan support
Uncertainty about the future can make it difficult for management teams to forecast company performance and understand the necessary steps required to reach the company’s goals. CIL’s business plan support offers a tailored solution to help leaders build robust, strategic forecasts that stand up to scrutiny.

Customer experience tracking
Understanding sentiment amongst a customer base can both unlock new opportunities and open the door to diagnosing and remedying potential issues. At CIL, we are experts in designing and executing both B2B and B2C research programs and can deliver tailored exercises to address a broad range of business challenges.

Advanced analytics
Harnessing the vast amount of data that organizations create enables stakeholders to make insightful and strategic business decisions that are properly evidence-based. Our data scientists demystify the process of creating an effective data strategy, and work with management teams to optimize their data for everyday use.

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Buy & build strategy
With over 25 years of advising investors and management teams on acquisitions, we truly understand the characteristics that make a business an attractive acquisition target. Our bespoke asset identification and evaluation tools are designed to support businesses looking to grow through strategic acquisition.

News and Views

European Buy & Build Opportunity Index

Buy & build is a favoured investment strategy for many, but it can be hard to know which sectors will deliver maximum returns. CIL’s Buy & Build Opportunity Index analyses over 2,500 business segments to identify the most attractive sectors across four key European regions.

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How should PE navigate high inflation?

This is the first time that many of today’s investors will be operating in a period of high inflation. But with the IMF expecting inflation in the OECD to exceed 9% in 2022, private equity must get to grips with navigating the inflationary threat both from an investment and portfolio management perspective.

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The smart response to inflation

Inflation is back. With prices rising at the fastest rate for 40 years, many businesses remain unprepared. In this article, CIL’s Pricing Director, Mike Gorham, explores what’s happening behind the headlines and how businesses can protect margins.

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Axel Leichum
Axel is a Partner at CIL and leads its North American operations. He has over 20 years’ experience as a Management Consultant.
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Axel Leichum
Axel is a Partner at CIL and leads its North American operations. He has over 20 years’ experience as a Management Consultant.
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