Vendor commercial due diligence (VCDD) offers shareholders a strong, fact-based commercial narrative that strengthens their position during a transaction, while buyers benefit from increased transparency.

VCDD helps to articulate a company’s market position and to highlight upside opportunities, providing bidders with confidence and reducing the time the management team needs to devote to the sales process. Our approach to VCDD provides a fact-based assessment and collaboratively develops the investment thesis.

At CIL, our teams of sector experts bring a wealth of experience to each engagement. We conduct a thorough review of a company’s business plan, past and present performance, and competitive positioning. We also identify upsides and potential value creation routes beyond business-as-usual for the buyer to pursue.

Our independent, unbiased reports are highly valued and respected by bidders. By anticipating their needs, educating them on market dynamics and pre-empting their questions, CIL VCDD reports minimize risk and maximize valuation.

If you are considering an exit and would like to discuss how vendor commercial due diligence could assist, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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