Broadcast Indie Survey Review 2022

23rd June 2022
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CIL launches its latest review of the Broadcast Indie Survey 2022, which identifies long-term trends in production and commissioning. This year shows a steady rewinding back towards pre-COVID revenue levels and continued growth in international commissions and regional production.

The Broadcast Indie Survey 2022 saw broadcasters begin to push play again on commissioning, with the market growing back to £2.4 billion of revenues (up £300 million on the COVID-hit year of 2021) on the basis of 125 submissions. However, CIL’s analysis reveals of the 77 indies that submitted results consistently over the last three years, the market has not quite returned to 2020 levels.

CIL’s latest insight discusses the on-going market trends of indie broadcasting, the impact that the pandemic had on production and the outlook of commissioning in different geographies.

Download the full PDF version here

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