Investment 360 Index 2022

28th September 2022
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The Investment 360 Index provides a valuable analysis of business confidence among investors and business leaders at the present moment and over time. Now in its sixth year, it is building into a fascinating dataset, tracking economic confidence through Brexit, COVID, and several leadership changes.

This year’s findings reveal:

  • A significant shift in negative economic sentiment towards the UK economy, driven by inflation, interest rate rises and fears of recession. However, long-term sentiment about the UK economy remains positive, with respondents viewing the likely downturn short term.
  • Investors report a decline in M&A activity when compared to 2021. This is expected to decline further over the next 12 months.
  • Confidence in the Bank of England has fallen, fuelled by its delay in raising interest rates to counter inflation.
  • The majority of respondents expect the Bank of England to raise interest rates to between 3% and 5%.
  • Confidence in the UK Government has reached a nadir, with comments suggesting the Conservative leadership election took focus away from the pressing issues affecting the country’s economic health.

We hope you find the results of interest.

Download the full PDF version here

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