Investment 360 Index 2023

26th September 2023
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Now in its seventh year, CIL’s Investment 360 Index provides an increasingly valuable current and long-term analysis of business confidence among investors and business leaders.

This year’s results reveal:

The medicine is working; inflation is expected to hit the 2% target: nearly all respondents (95%) think inflation will come down to the 2% target in the next 5 years. 61% feel that current monetary policies (implemented by the Bank of England) should stay the same.

M&A deal activity is expected to improve: M&A deal activity further declined in 2023, with 84% of respondents describing the deal flow as low or very low. 78% see M&A deal activity improving over the next 12 months, a welcome development after appearing to have found a floor, with no respondents believing it will deteriorate further.

Satisfaction with the government remains low: the majority do not think the government is doing a good job, with 48% feeling negative and 45% feeling mixed. The prospect of a change in government does little for optimism; only 22% feel optimistic about a change.

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