Investment 360 Index FY20

30th September 2019
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Confidence in the UK’s economic prospects have slumped, while dissatisfaction in the Government has risen.

Now in its third year, the survey behind CIL’s Investment 360 Index was conducted over a three-week period between August and September 2019. We had 276 respondents.

The Index provides a snapshot of business sentiment among UK investment professionals and management teams over time. This year’s Index reveals some interesting results. The uncertainty caused by Brexit, as well as a range of other factors affecting global economies such as the US / China trade war, is weighing heavily on investors in the short term. However, thanks to sound monetary policy from the Bank of England and strong fundamentals — Brexit aside — the long-term economic outlook for the UK remains positive. Other key takeaways include:

  • A shift away from M&A being such a clear seller’s market
  • Negativity towards the Government
  • Appetite for increased government spending
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