The Future of the Corporate Classroom

20th March 2020
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From early years to corporate L&D, interactive digital platforms have transformed the ways in which we learn.

There are a wide range of e-learning solutions available, from massive online open courses (MOOCs) to specialised learning management systems (LMSs) which offer customised online catalogues of preapproved training modules selected by the L&D team. More recently, however, corporates have started to shift towards advanced, AI-enabled learning experience platforms (LXPs) which offer personalised, intuitive, ‘in-the-workflow’ training.

CIL views this relatively new technology as a substantial and growing opportunity within the education sector. To understand this fast-moving sector, CIL surveyed 651 learning and development (L&D) decision makers across North America and the UK. Our results show an increased focus on online learning solutions and recognition of their ability to offer scalable, cost-effective and consistent training to employees.

The full findings can be downloaded below.

Download the full PDF version here

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